You have a idea for a new concept for your company. Great! You're all set and ready to go with your marketing and business plan. All that's left is execution. Your superstar team turns your idea into a business, as you acquire new users, close your first few sales, and build great new features for your network. Revenue grows a bit, then stalls, then falls, but perhaps it's just a typical hiccup for a young company trying to get things going. A larger tech company then decides to make a product similar to yours, but you reassure your employees by stressing the features that make your version unique. A few customers drop off. User counts decrease. Your crack squad of talented developers launches three new features, but by now, you're feeling desperate. 


It might be time to Pivot Point: But you're in luck, Focus Margin is here!


"Pivot Pointing" happens all the time. Simply put,  a company pivot points when it changes some aspect of its business in a fundamental way. Sometimes, a company will simply pivot point by stressing a new feature on the same product. Other companies will learn to focus on an entirely new customer base. Still others will change their entire business overnight.


Let's take a look 3 Pivot Points and see how Focus Margin can partner with you!


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